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Work with Me

I have been working in the Arts and Community field all my life. I am extremely passionate about helping artists succeed, setting up new businesses around the arts and building communities around both of these.

Here are the services I offer –

Artists and Art Business Consulting

Artists or Arts-based Businesses that are looking to Start, Grow or Systemize their careers and business. Arts-based businesses would mean Handicrafts, Textiles, Apparels, Photographers, Filmmakers, Musicians, Painters, Baking etc. who are doing their work with utmost passion and need help with taking it further!

I help them find out their hidden assets and strengths and what can be improved in their business to grow it multi-fold. With my consultation, I solve your problems with clear results-oriented thinking.

Using my thinking from across industries and domains, I can find solutions that most people don’t even realise are available to them.

One-on-One Consulting Session – Rs 4000/hr

Art Business and Career Coaching

Coaching means I work with you, hand in hand, to guide you the desired results you’re seeking. I help you overcome your mental blocks and develop strategies that are made keeping your strengths in mind.

Coaching Packages start from Rs 30,000 and onwards. You can contact me over email for the same.

Workshops and Education on Community Building

A lot of people don’t understand Community. If you and/or your institution wants to understand and learn how to build communities and sustain them, reach out for workshops or seminars.

You can find out about my thoughts On Community here.