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Indie Artist Bootcamp

Was 10%, Now It’s 90%

It used to be that, as an artist, only 10% of your career was up to you. Now 90% of it is on you.

In 2017, Abhi was sitting on a chair in the offices of Accenture, Hyderabad. He was one of the employees at huge glass building, with a stable background of Engineering and a comfortable salary of Rs 50,000 per month. But he wasn’t content. Everytime he used to enter the building, something in him would turn off and the moment he would sit in his chair, he would want to jump right back out!

One night, he dreamed of himself singing on a stage with hundreds of people cheering him. Vivid like reality. He could feel his heart thump as the crowd clapped alongside the music. He had never felt this way about anything in his life. So alive. So real.

He went in next day and gave his Resignation. Next Day!

The only thing in his mind was the image of him on the stage and hundreds of people singing along with him. It didn’t even occur to him that he had NEVER Sung on a stage and NEVER had he played the Guitar.

But dreams are like that. They invigorate and make you crazy and want you to achieve them. If you don’t even try, then they die a slow death, and with each dream a part of you dies.

Fast forward to 2019, Abhi Solanki is a renowned Performer in Jaipur and has already shifted to Mumbai to pursue the dream of Fame. He is a FULL TIME ARTIST for the past 1.5 years.

All through his work and perseverance. And his friends like me.

But unfortunately, this story only works out 1 out of 100 times. And not everyone who tries succeeds without external help or support.

It used to be that, as an artist of any kind, musician, standup comedy, poetry, storytelling, anything; only 10% of your career was up to you. “Getting discovered” was about all you could do. A few gatekeepers controlled ALL outlets. You had to impress one of these magic few people to be allowed to present your music to the world. (Even then, they assigned you a manager, stylist, producer, band, etc.)

But now 90% of your career is up to you.

You have all the tools to make it happen. Record labels aren’t guessing anymore. Artist Management firms aren’t taking chances now. Event Organizers don’t take the risk with unknown artists. They’re only signing artists that have made a success on their own. Artists who have built an audience for themselves. Artists whose fans will surely attend an event. Artists who are smart about their careers. As Alan Elliott says, “A record label used to be able to look at a tree and say, ‘That would make a great table.’ Now all they can do is take a finished table and sell it at Wal-Mart.”

You have to make a great recording, a great show, a great image, a great demand for your work. You have to come up with a plan and make it happen, too. You have to make thousands of people want your art, your creation SO much that they pay good money for it. You have to make things happen on your own. Because you have every tool possible today at your disposal. To Reach anyone across the world with your art. To Find opportunities where you get paid for your art. To present your artform in the best possible way.

The only thing stopping you from great success in your career is yourself.

This is both scary and exciting. But at least you’re in control.

Today, I’m offering to help YOU become a Full-Time, Professional Artist too!

Hi, I’m Atray Agrawal. 

I’m a Media Entrepreneur and a Business Coach for Artists and Art Businesses. I’ve worked with over 139 artists and hosted more than 250 events and gigs. I help artists achieve their dreams by teaching them the business side of the industry. Show them how to make more money, grow their careers, and live a better-fulfilled life.

Atray’s been Featured in

Introducing …

Indie Artist Bootcamp

A 30 Day Online Program to Start Marketing Yourself like a Professional Artist!

Indie Artist Bootcamp is my secret marketing course through which I have helped over 139 artists and breakdown the biggest mental blocks artists face –

Best Part? – My Techniques, Strategies, Methods and Approaches are true for all kinds of Artists! Whoever you want to be: Standup Comedian, Spoken Word Poet, Storyteller, Musician, Dancer, Violinist, Magician, anyone.

“How do I earn through my Art?”

Start with Fundamentals

What?! You want to become an artist and you don’t even know where to begin? That’s exactly what the problem is in this industry because it was guarded off from outsiders. I teach you all the various ways you can earn through your art form.

“How do I start my Career?”

Putting Yourself Out There

How to start showing up infront of small crowds. How to overcome Stage Fear. How to present yourself to others, so that they invite you to perform.

“How to Approach for Paid Gigs?”

Atray’s 4 Step ‘Gig Finder’ Process

Stop wasting time giving useless demos, and use the method I regularly used to get gigs for my Artists to save crucial time.

“How to Build and stay connected with my Audience?”

Atray’s Proprietary PAC – Personalized Audience Connection System

The same system that allows me to reach out to hundreds and thousands of artists who are looking to learn about their careers… also how I filled my gigs every time.

“How to Make Friends with Bigger Artists?”

Your Brand Matters!

Reach out to already established artists easily by learning branding and positioning concepts…. And my easy to use scripts.

And these are just highlights. 

The Indie Artist Bootcamp includes 8 Live Sessions with me that SHOW you exactly how I use these marketing concepts in practice. And you get to follow along step-by-step, as I teach you the steps to grow your influence as an Artist.

This is not a Video Tutorial on grow your career tips. You can find that anywhere. It is a one month long, practical based Course.

I want to go deeper and show you the real emails, the real tools, the exact thought process to use for your artistic career. LIVE.

Module 1Fundamentals

Ways of Making money through Your Art.

I will talk extensively and show you what are the different ways you can actually earn through your art. Because unless you know all your possibilities, you’ll always be missing out.

Module 2Make Your Profile

How to Create Your Persona infront of others.

This Module deeps dive into how people percieve you and your art, onstage, off stage, through your posters, through your body language, everything. I tell you in detail with practical insights and techniques that you can apply to your own style. We will also create your EPK and Profile in this module.

Module 3 – What’s Your Brand

Crystalize What You Stand For

Here we analyze what your strengths and weaknesses are and what values you stand for. And I teach you why it’s important to not be afraid to Target, Exclude and Champion to build your audience!

Module 4 – Keep in Touch

Atray’s Proprietary Personalized Audience Connection [PAC] System

Your audience is only an asset to you if and when you own your audience. I teach you my very own system that I use to organize and reach out to all of my audience and has helped me book shows as well as fill them!

Module 5 – Getting Those Gigs

Atray’s 4 Step ‘Gig Finder’ Process

Another one of my processes that I’ve used to book shows like crazy for my artists. Everyone – Musicians, Dancers, Magicians, everyone. Reachout to the right venues, Negotiate with them like a Pro, and Perform!

Module 6 – Make Influencer Friends

Hang Out with Bigger Artists

My formula to reach out to any artist who may be bigger and established. Any influencer. And even celebrities. It’s quite simple really.

If I were to become an Artist, a Musician, a Painter, a Poet today, this is exactly the process I would follow.

Q&A that can change the way you think about Art Career

There are tons of books and videos on becoming an artist. What makes Indie Artist Bootcamp different?

I’m a big fan of lots of books and videos on becoming an artist. But after going through hundreds of books and videos — and working with 139+ artists that earned well over Rs5 Lakh — I wanted to give you the actual process of marketing yourself the best way possible.

There are many things you’ll learn in Indie Music Bootcamp that no book could ever teach you:

>>> Learn exactly how I write emails, messages, and plan strategies, including where I spend my time. It’s the difference between reading a recipe book and watching a chef cook it on video. You see what it should really look like when it’s done right.

>>> It’s normal to feel fear. This happens to everyone who is an artist (including me). How do I handle it? How do I know when an idea or direction is good enough to keep spending time on it … vs when I should give up? You can never learn this from a book. But you’ll find it in this course, which will save you dozens of hours plus give you a community of like-minded people going along on the same journey.

>>> I also include lots of subtle techniques — writing techniques, messaging techniques, psychological and body language insights I’ve pioneered — all in Indie Music Bootcamp.

What if I’m not an Artist?

You don’t need to be a artist already. But you should COMMIT to either becoming one or start working with one as a manager when you start the course. I was never an artist myself, what I’ve learned is equally applied for Artist Managers as much as for artists themselves.

Do I need a Manager?

NO! The whole point of this Bootcamp is to not depend on a manager. I’ve seen through my career these managers looting the artists because the artists had no clue how much they were earning. So managers are a good to have for your career, but for this course, you don’t need one.

How do I know if I need this course?

Have you run into any of the following challenges when thinking about your music career:

Where do I start?
How do I earn through music/poetry/writing?
How do I get the confidence to start performing?
How do I get paid gigs?
How do I brand myself?
How do I become Unique in music?
How do I break away from local or college bands and go up to the next level?

If so, Indie Music Bootcamp will help you.

How will the course work?

We will have Live Sessions twice a week – Monday and Friday for 4 weeks. The recordings will also be available later on. The remaining time you will have to complete the exercises and projects assigned. We will also have discussions throughout the month on Whatsapp Group.

Your Mentor – Atray Agrawal

Atray Agrawal has been working in the Arts and Media industry for 8 years now with extensive work with musicians but also with dancers, magicians, standup comedians and more. He’s really passionate about helping artist succeed and flourish in their careers.

A few of the festivals and artists he has worked with are –

And International Artists like – Tunde Jegede, Sunara Begum, Michele Casanovas

He’s an alumni of St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and recieved an MBA(Marketing) from MNIT, Jaipur.

Art has been his passion and he wants artists to realise their fullest of potential and create achievements which usually they have to drop because of lack of earnings from their art. He helps artists increase their earnings and create a sustainable profession for all kinds of art forms. His fee for a one hour consultation is Rs4000. And here you are getting the whole course at a crazy amount!

What Other Artists have been Saying for Atray!

Mohit sharing his journey as an artist with Atray!
Sahil gets his first gig by Atray’s methods before even completing his course!

Enroll now for 

Indie Artist Bootcamp

Fee for the Program is Rs 8995/- Only.

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Indie Artist Bootcamp ISN’T for you if…

  • You don’t want to start performing or are still learning music or any other form. I don’t teach music here, I teach how to spread that art form further.
  • You can’t scrape together 6 hours per week to focus on growing your Art Career (if you don’t think you have 6 hours each week, spend a day documenting your time. You’ll be amazed at how much time you really have)
  • You’re already popular and are looking to turbocharge your audience base. We’ll do something else for you
  • You’re looking for a magic bullet to earn income. This isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme or a shady business idea, so just go away if you want that

Indie Artist Bootcamp is for you if…

  • You’re ready and willing to put in the time to apply the lessons in this course to your life and career
  • You are an artist or artist manager, you’ve tried making it work on your own, but you’re not satisfied with your results
  • You’re ready to go beyond stupid motivation tips and scammy sales hacks
  • You want to learn how to market yourself from someone who has worked with over 139 artists helping them earn over Rs5 Lakh, someone whose advice you trust and enjoy
  • You’re in it for the long-haul: that means working smarter — and harder — to create a fulfilling career that lasts

Plus you get amazing Bonuses worth Rs 15,000 completely for free!

  • Exact Word-to-Word Email Scripts – worth Rs5000
  • Financial Templates and Planners – For Touring, Gigs, and Launches – Worth Rs 10,000



Try the entire IAB course. If you don’t LOVE it, I insist that you get 100% of your money back.

I’ll even eat the payment processing fees.

Let me tell you exactly why I offer this unbeatable guarantee.

Before I built IAB, I tried all of the popular books and videos and podcasts in this area, only to find that everyone just kept talking and pointing to these select venues and is dependent on them to push their art forward. 

I hated that. 

I hated being at the mercy of these venues/opportunities who may or may not know anything about my artists’ talents and should not be the ones to decide if they become professionals or not.

That’s why I invested 100s of hours of my time cracking this code and putting it down for other artists to follow.

But once I cracked the code, I didn’t slap together the course. I took another full YEAR building the course:

  • I built the curriculum from the ground up to make applying this system to your art and situation as fast and easy and fun as possible. 
  • Then I figured out a way to run the whole course online for you, to make it as convenient as possible.

All of this effort to make IAB the best-in-class course of its kind.

I know this material works. I only care about developing super high-quality material full of proven strategies, systems, psychological tactics, scripts, and more that you can’t find anywhere else.

That’s why more than 139 artists have worked with me.

That’s why I am able to build new relationships and opportunities for my own entrepreneurial ventures time and again.

And that’s why I guarantee Endless Possibilities.

It’s simple: Take the course and see for yourself. If it doesn’t work, I want you to email me, prove you did the work, and I’ll refund you 100%.

This guarantee is extended for a full 30 days, which completely covers the duration of every module in the program.

Try the ENTIRE course.

If you don’t love it, just email me at ANY TIME during the first 30 days and show me you’re doing the exercises and not getting results. I’ll refund 100% of your price. You can even keep the bonuses — at my expense.

By the way, I ask you to show me you’ve done the exercises because I know how powerful they can be when applied.

I have no intention of keeping your money if you’re dissatisfied, but I insist that you commit to taking action if you want the results from this program. I’ve spent hundreds of hours developing this material, and I’d like to share it with you if you’re ready to use it to build your career in music.

If you’re ready to flood your calendar with Gigs, Shows, Performances, Workshops then now is the time.

If you’re ready, I can teach you the Marketing secrets of Pro Artists in 30 days.


Enroll now for 

Indie Artist Bootcamp

Fee for the Program is Rs 8995/- Only

Join the Waitlist

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If you have any questions or concerns about the course, call or email us. We’re happy to help