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About Me

Hi! I’m Atray Agrawal!

I am curious about how people connect and come together, and I use those observations to create resilient communities that support individuals.

I’m a student of marketing, science and human culture and I love to cross-pollinate ideas across all of them to help us co-create and maintain the best human communities.

I work in three Pillars that I believe are important to build resilient communities:

In Education – Teaching Science to 9th/10th/11th/12th children – because education is the only way to change and influence long term thinking. @Cosmic Essence Education

In Mental Wellbeing – Hosting and Facilitating Kythera events such as Sharing Circle and Kythera Jam to create spaces of non-judgemental expression in our cities.

In Business – Business Coaching and Consulting for Artists and Arts based businesses – because wealth creation is one of the biggest pillars of any resilient community.

In the past, I’ve worked across 40 industries, with over 139 artists and organized upwards of 250 events and helped connect some badass bands together such as Atrangi Funkaar, Prologue Music, Yugm. With an M.B.A. in Marketing (MNIT, Jaipur) and B.Sc. in Information Technology (St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai), I’ve literally worked across the major fields of Business, Technology, and Arts.

I regularly share my observations and learnings over email for Art businesses, marketing, communities, possibilities and the changing world of art. If you’d like to have them, sign up below.

You can find me here – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, Medium, Email

I’ve been Interviewed and have Featured in Multiple Press outlets about my work with artists and major around the events I’ve hosted in the past –

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On Bandwagon Movement – Times of India,
On Kythera Jam – DNA,
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Some of my guest writings – Loudest.in

If you drop down in Jaipur, I would love to take you around. I have made one of my best friends this way.