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Content is Drug

I was talking to a friend yesterday, and we were discussing how its the best time for artists to come up and share their work. With the proliferation of digital platforms, accessibility to anyone in the world to pitch their work, and more so the rising importance of arts in our society as therapy and recreation. 

But I also pointed out to her how this increasing digital content is like a drug. A drug which makes us extremely passive in our thoughts because everything is being told by someone.  A drug that hides what we are feeling. A drug that rather than making us contemplate and think for ourselves, having started telling us the answers. Rather than stimulating thoughts, it just makes us better robots who search for things. And a very dangerous drug because there is no regulations as to its use. We literally have this drug 16 out of 24hrs a day….

Funny thing is, this message is also a form of the same drug. And just like anything it has it’s pros and cons. But maybe it’s important for us to be conscious of our digital drug consumption and balance it out. And a better way to enjoy these art forms that we love watching/scrolling would be to create them, engage with them, participate in them – rather than just being a passive listener and consumer.

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