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Importance of Art

I haven’t been writing for the past week because something was bothering me constantly. And it’s still there, but I also realized that writing helped me clear out my mind. And the same thing happens when I’m making music. Rather almost every art form does that.

Sometimes, it’s difficult to process the reality around us. Or it just plainly scares us too much to confront it. And we feel torn, confused and anxious. And art transforms that reality for some time. It transports us to a place of imagination and freedom, through which we could come out of our shell. The shell that we are succumbing ourselves to through the years, since childhood. Parental shouts, seeing people suffer in a hospital, school punishments, road accidents, riots and ruckus around our neighborhood, everything that fuels that fear and keeps pushing us inside the shell.

Art tends to overcome that and alleviates that fear to some degree. And we all have cornered it from our lives and put it either in galleries or museums. Our hands, mind, body aches to create and imagine, but we’ve considered it useless so far and thrown it out the window.

Maybe it’s time to change that. It is very important to change that.

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