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Invite the people who wouldn’t understand.

Ah, I face a lot of slack for this…

“how will I be comfortable sharing around my dad?” or “my family would think its stupid to just share”. Yes. It is stupid. Because no one knows why it works. But it works. Because we feel better. If we didn’t then we wouldn’t need to talk at all about our problems. We wouldn’t need friends to rely on. It would’ve been no point consoling a family member while they cried. But it does. I don’t know how. Maybe there is a reason but I haven’t figured it out yet. But it helps. That’s why people feel Unburdened. Relaxed. Calmed. Relieved. Peaceful. At the end of a Sharing Circle. 

So if you think your mom, dad, friend, uncle, aunt wouldn’t understand, then invite them tonight. Invite the people who wouldn’t understand. Because that’s the only way to change their minds. It’ll be difficult to explain. It’ll be scary. It might be a hard conversation to have. And It may not work the first couple of times. But if you keep asking, someday they’ll give in and join you.

That’s the only reason that makes me keep hosting them every week. I’ve felt stupid. I’ve felt sad. I’ve felt frustrated. But I know it helps.

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