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Marketing a Chaos

I did a session on Pursuit of Creativity, my Insta-Live show on "The Marketing Taboo", you can find it here if you haven’t watched it yet.

One thing that I strongly shared in it was that ‘Marketing is all about Values’ and it’s nothing more than ‘Educating and Storytelling’.

And that got me thinking if I can actually break all the different types of marketing that float around in the marketplace, with this lens. So I spent the whole week thinking over them and now I’m sharing it to you!
Here we go:

1. Outbound Marketing – Running Ads on TV, Radio, Billboards etc
My take: Educate the customer about your Values in a single statement. Here’s an example. Here’s another by Apple.

2. Inbound Marketing – Blogs, Youtube Channel, Creating helpful content
My take: Educate and create art that makes people find you. Here’s a cool example of Ms. Alwar.

3. Digital Marketing – Using digital platforms to get your message out.
My take: Tell a story through your digital touchpoints. Prateek Kuhad’s new single – Kasoor, is a great case study for this.

4. Content Marketing
My take: Educate the people through your unique artform style.

5. Social Media Marketing
My take: Share a story so compelling that other people share it.

6. Email Marketing
My take: Using Email to Educate and share your Story.

7. Influencer Marketing
My take: Building relationships with people with the similar Values and then Educate or tell a Story. Every Celebrity endorsement comes under this.

8. Brand Marketing
My take: Tell your Brand’s story and educate people about your Values. Again, best example is Apple’s Think Different Campaign.

9. Guerrilla Marketing – Placing yourself at some cool, unexpected places.
My take: Take your Values out to the Real World experiments. Here are some examples.

10. Affiliate Marketing – Earning commissions for some sale.
My take: Similar to influencer marketing, with different model of compensation.

11. Partner Marketing
My take: Associating with other people/brands with similar values as your own.

12. Word of Mouth Marketing
My take: Such great value/feeling/experience, that people share your story to their friends on their own.

13. User-generated Marketing
My take: When you allow your audience to build a new stuff. Taking suggestions for new paintings, new series etc. That audience is already following along your Story and believes in your values.

14. Experiential Marketing
My take: Building out your Story and educating people by creating a whole experience around it.

At the end, Marketing is just a way to share your work in the most honest form you can aligning with your Values and your vision.

The problem that people face is not about marketing. It’s about realizing and crystallizing their values.

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