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How Movements are Born

Yesterday was beautiful! One of my favorite art spaces in Jaipur, “Maah”, celebrated their 1st year anniversary. And it was beautiful. 

The evening unfolded with a 30min a Violin solo performance which reverberated through the space followed by a short film on Dance and then a fun activity on emotive reflection of 2019, on paper first, and then expressing that emotion through movement and using the space as our canvas. 

For me, this was the highlight of the evening. I wrote my younger self a letter(in the photos). And then put it to an experiment on the spot.

As we got up to use the space as our canvas, I wanted to check for my theory as to if I find the people resonating with me or what I’m doing, there. And so as people started moving around the space, exploring their bodies and dancing with it, I stood at a side and started humming a sweet little tune that literally came to me on the spot. And a simple beat pattern on my thighs. And my job was just to repeat it. And keep doing it. And continuing it.

Slowly, people started responding, resonating. Some joined in and started humming themselves. Some started adding their own element to the beat, by tapping on the floor. Some started moving with the rhythm and the tune. And towards the end everyone came together.

And it all started with the first person who started humming along. With whom it resonated the quickest. And that’s how movements are born. 

It was a delight to experience this yesterday and be in that beautiful space with those wonderful people. Visit them if you resonated with this, and if you hold dance close to you. Shreeya and Kamakshi are super fun to talk to! Here’s where you can find them – https://www.instagram.com/maahspace/

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