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The curious case of improvisation and patterns.

Life as we know it is an improvisation. We don’t know what’s going to be thrown at us, sometimes it goes how we planned it, most times it doesn’t. And that’s why we call it an adventure. A roller coaster. Else I’m sure there would be a book already written on the path of life.

But, here comes the paradox, we do find patterns in ours’, our friends’, our family’s lives. Patterns of situations, of troubles, of happiness, of sadness. Patterns that history has recorded again and again. Only thing left for us is to see,listen, observe these patterns.

What makes it a curious case? Well, it’s the perfect blend of fun and security. The improvisation gives us surprises, the patterns tell us the solution.

Life throws in a googly, and the amateur knows how to play it because they’ve seen others do it.

A band member improvises and changes lyrics, and the rest of the band plays the pattern they’ve already rehearsed.

A Jam participant starts a new song, and all of the others start singing the song, a pattern which someone has made.

I wish there was a way to codify all of these patterns of life. So that we have a resource to plug into when we need to figure out a solution.

Or maybe it’s already there, in the form of stories, songs, books, movies and other forms. We’ve just never seen them that way.
I thought of this while listening to my friend, Arjan’s new album Musafir. It resonates with almost everyone who’s on a journey. Which everyone is on. Go have a listen if you’re curious – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLffWhHYKpiaz5RVj2YRSNr1yH_aEJWBA2

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